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Releasing Bundle

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RELEASING BUNDLE CONTENTS - Valued at $62 retail

Write and Burn Workbook is your designated place to keep all the yucky, icky, painful stuff. It serves as a container that acknowledges the pain, holds it, and most importantly, releases it. Once your words are written in physical form, it is time to tear the pages out and burn them – and in that burning process – the energy is transmuted and is no longer sitting in your body.

Detox Your Life Workbook – During this journey into self-love and healing, you are encouraged to delve deep within, exploring lifestyle and emotional patterns - both past and present - that may need some extra attention and care. 

Detox Your Life Cards – This card deck is a fun way to use your intuition to select a Detox topic of the day.

Palo Santo – To cleanse the energy of your physical space, object, or person.

Grounding stone – A hand-selected stone for grounding. Could be one of any of the following stones:
Bloodstone - connection to Earth
Hematite - grounds to body
Black Onyx - centering energies
Red Jasper - mental grounding
Black Tourmaline - physical grounding
Smoky Quartz - protects from and grounds negative energy

Appearances, shapes, and sizes of stones vary.