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GOLD Intuition Building Kit

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Strengthen the power of your intuition with this intentional Intuition Building Kit. Use the tools included to connect and develop your intuition and to listen to the messages from your angels and spirit guides.

This Intuition Building Kit is designed to strengthen spiritual awareness and help to connect you with your natural psychic abilities. Use the tools that are in it daily to develop the skills necessary to tune into your own spiritual insights, wisdom, and clarity as you access your intuition in a way that is not only empowering and life-changing, but in a way that is tangible and repeatable.

As a professional psychic medium of 37 years, Sunny Dawn Johnston wanted to share the tools she used at the very beginning of her intuition journey to grow and develop her skills – some of which she still uses today. (Check out the included items below, some of which are only available as part of these new Intuition Kits!) She also wanted to provide people with the tools they need to connect to their intuition and unlock their true potential (no matter how analytical and left-brained they are.)

This kit is full of simple tools and techniques to create a consistent intuitive practice. With the energy of love, trust, and presence, you have the magical tools that will help you connect with your intuition and discover the power within you.


(Individual items retail price = $173; Kit pricing = $130 – SAVE 25%)

Black Printed Messenger Tote Bag (available only as part of an Intuition Kit) Choose between 2 displayed print styles – To keep all of your favorite intuition tools in one accessible place

Intuiting Color Practice (available only as part of an Intuition Kit) – To develop your clairvoyance

Pendulum Practice – To learn to discern between your mind and your heart

ESP Card Practice (available only as part of an Intuition Kit) – To practice your intuitive abilities (your clairs) on a daily basis

Space Clearing VibeRaiser – To clear your sacred space and lift the vibe of the space around you

Energy Clearing Selenite Heart – To absorb negative energy and aid in removing energy blocks in the body, mind, and soul

Intuitive Hits Journal – To keep track of your intuitive hits: signs, symbols, and messages you receive as you develop your skills

Intention Candle – To set the intention and invite in your Spirit Team for support

Angel Coin – To keep with you as a reminder of your connection to Spirit and your natural ability to communicate with them

Plus the following:

Space Clearing Ecuadorian Palo Santo – To cleanse the energy of your physical space, object, or person

Heart Opening Rose Quartz Heart – To open the heart and support love for self and others, unconditionally

Oracle Card Development Oracle Cards 101 Book – To offer tips and tricks to reading oracle cards

Also includes:

44 card Deck Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards – To connect with the multi-dimensional aspects of your intuition

6 card Multi-Dimensional Animal Empowerment Booster Cards – To access your Animal Empowerment Guides 

6 card Multi-Dimensional Feminine Empowerment Booster Cards – To access your Female Empowerment Guides