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Write and Burn Journal

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Sunny Dawn Johnston has created this journal with the intention to help you RELEASE!

When writing down your goals, desires and dreams, the energy that writing creates can lead to the manifestation and creation of those dreams. The same holds true when we write to release, heal and to let go of our pain. When writing, we take the pain from our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, and move it onto paper. Just the act of doing this begins the process of healing. Once written onto paper, often you just leave the page in your journal or notebook … with all your anger, hurt and sadness … just sitting there … while your dreams, desires and wants … are contaminated with this negative energy as well.

Words have energy! This Write & Burn Journal is your designated place to keep all the yucky, icky, painful stuff. It serves as a container that acknowledges the pain, holds it and most importantly, releases it. Once your words are written in physical form, it is time to tear the pages out and burn them – and in that burning process –  the energy is transmuted and is no longer sitting in your body. You can allow the pain to release by giving thanks for all you have learned, gained and expanded into from those experiences … and then burn that shit!!!

The Write & Burn Journal gives you a process … and a space (the actual journal pages) to begin a new and powerful experience in healing and releasing!