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The Funeral Officiant's Manual

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The Funeral Officiant’s Manual: A Guide to Writing, Planning and Officiating Funerals and Celebration of Life Ceremonies 

The Funeral Officiant’s Manual is an essential guide for anyone who has the sacred honor of writing or officiating a celebration of life. Sunny Dawn Johnston, an Ordained Minister with over two decades of experience, has written this book to support family and friends in creating a beautiful celebration and remembrance of your departed loved one. Written from the Officiant’s perspective, this guide contains twelve complete celebration of life ceremonies and a variety of poems, prayers, blessings, and funeral traditions.

 There are also several special tips that only a seasoned pro would know. Johnston’s goal is to offer you a variety of material that honors your unique beliefs, traditions, and intentions. The Funeral Officiant's Manual takes the guesswork out of writing the ceremony and gives you a variety of options to help you create a celebration of life that not only honors the life of your loved one, but also the family and friends that so loved them. Included is a Funeral Questionnaire Form to make the entire experience from beginning to end as stress-free as possible during a highly emotional and challenging time. This is the Ultimate Guide for step-by-step instruction on creating the perfect celebration of life and can be used by the family, friends, funeral directors, ministers, and ceremony Officiants.