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Soul Transitions – A Medium’s Guide to the Spirit World MP3 Download

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In this CD, Sunny shares her experiences as a psychic medium and teaches you how to use your own natural abilities to connect with deceased loved ones and the spirit world. She will help you understand the ways in which your deceased loved ones communicate with you, which is often through signs and symbols that are sometimes missed. She will also provide you with tools to continue your communication with the spirit world.

Sunny begins the CD by discussing the final stages of a soul’s physical existence and offers insights into what happens when a soul leaves the body. She will share and teach from a medium’s point of view as well as from her own personal experiences as a granddaughter and a friend. Sunny continues the CD by teaching you how to connect with your own deceased loved ones, identify your psychic and spiritual gifts, and how to discern the energies of the deceased people around you.

Sunny’s teaching is complimented by a guided mediation that will help you connect with your own deceased loved ones. This connection will help you to share any messages you may have and to listen to what your deceased loved ones might want to share with you.

To complete the journey, soul musician Kris Voelker includes two beautiful songs that connect you to your loved ones and allow you to heal through any grief you may still be feeling from this transition process.