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Oracle Cards 101: A Guidebook to Understanding Divination

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Oracle Cards 101 is a guidebook to reading oracle cards. It shares with you all the tips and techniques to prepare your card deck, teaches you how to read the cards, and helps you to understand how to discern the card’s messages. The exercises in this book will encourage you to develop your intuition by strengthening your natural innate abilities. It also shares unique spreads that will help you to tune in and trust your inner knowing, and tap into the wisdom of your soul.

Whether for personal development or to build a card reading business, this book will give you the steps to get started. There is more to card reading than just flipping a card over. Discover how to use these sacred tools – and yes, they are sacred – for everyday messages, deep personal growth, and service to others.

Oracles and divination tools have long been a part of history. They empower us to create our lives intentionally by understanding that the power to manifest is within us. Using these sacred tools can help guide us toward our goals and desires. Whether you are new to Oracle Cards or have used them for years, this book will teach you ways to use the cards to help you expand and grow your intuition, awareness, and connection to the Spirit World.

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Joan Roulac
Simple Helpful Go To Resource

I've been following Sunny's work for many years, and am enjoying her new Multi Dimensional Oracle Card Deck. This straight forward little book will help you prepare your deck for use, has suggestions for clearing your mind and body, raising your vibration and shares ways to invite your Spirit Team into your readings. I particularly liked the section on the ethics of being an Oracle Card Reader. Sunny's insight helps me connect with the Spirit World in deeper ways, and I highly recommend this new book. Enjoy!