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Sunny Dawn Johnston's Boutique

Messages From the Heart

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Hand Chosen By Sunny - 1 Selenite Heart and 1 Word Stone

Selenite Heart shimmers with a pearl-like luster, and is wonderful for helping to clear the energy of your space. It also releases negative energy and helps in removing energy blocks in the body, mind or soul while bringing calm and a sense of deep peace.

  • 100% Selenite
  • Measures approximately 2.50 - 3 inches Wide 
  • Carved in Puffy Heart Shape
  • Avoid Soaking in Water, as Selenite will Dissolve

Unpolished Black 1.5 – 2.5 Inch River Stones are Unique

Combine the beauty of nature with meaningful messages on black unpolished river stones. River rock helps to ground and center you, helping you stay present in your physical space. Holding this rock in your hand, with the specific word chosen for you, can help you reclaim your energy and open yourself to the present moment.

There are a variety of different word stones to choose from, and with this opportunity, Sunny will hand choose YOUR stone, with the word that she intuitively feels is right for you.

If you’d like more than one stone, or for other people, she will intuitively choose the different words for you and/or your friends/family as guided. You will then have to intuit which word is for who? This is a great practice in developing your intuition!