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Hearts Helping Humanity Coloring Book

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This coloring book was Inspired by Hearts Helping Humanity, an organization that was created during the pandemic by me, Sunny Dawn Johnston, to provide help and support to those in need. My cousin Staci, the creative that she is, has always wanted to create a coloring book, so we joined forces and here is the final product. A beautiful, positive coloring book. 25% of the profits go to Hearts Helping Humanity as well. There are 40 designs to color and 92 pages.

Read below about the artist Staci and her inspirational doodles and life journey. – Sunny Dawn Johnston

Staci Mitchell

Staci Mitchell-Randall has always enjoyed art. Coloring, painting, and creativity were ingrained in her from a young age. Growing up, she always dreamed of becoming an artist but felt she lacked the necessary skills.

Roaming through Pinterest one day, she came across some beautiful works of art known as doodles, which piqued her interest. She had similar sketches in her own notebooks and became intrigued by the possibility of creating aesthetically beautiful art through doodling. That’s when she began practicing her doodling regularly, but it wasn’t until her husband was diagnosed with cancer that she realized just how powerful her new hobby could be.

She continued to doodle as he battled his terminal illness, as she recognized the positive effect it had on her well-being while living in a state of concern for her husband. She began doodling every day, several times per day; thus, doodling became her support—her safe place. Ultimately, Staci found that she was able to process the experience with her husband’s disease in a much healthier and grounded way.

In 2020, during the challenges with a global pandemic, she recognized the need to share and express her feelings. What’s more, she discovered that by sharing her creations on social media, she was also helping others on the recipient side, as they were thankful for the doodles that they could print and then color themselves.

That’s how the inspiration for this coloring book came to be. Staci not only decided that she would compile and publish a collection of her doodles, but that she’d also donate a portion of the proceeds to Hearts Helping Humanity, a community created by her cousin and thought leader, Sunny Dawn Johnston, with the intention of bringing people together to support those in need. 

Staci’s hope for this coloring book is that it will serve as a tool to bring you peace during tumultuous times, while also helping those who can benefit from the generosity and support of the Hearts Helping Humanity community.