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Embracing The Body That Is - A Guide To Loving Yourself CD

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This CD contains the personal story of how Sunny learned to love, accept and appreciate her body. Throughout her life,Sunny struggled with her weight, self esteem, and loving herself. She had a terrible body image, and her body reflected this belief. Sunny's story reveals what she did to end her self sabotage, negative self talk and pain. If you have struggled with body image issues and self-acceptance, then this CD is for you. Sunny not only offers her own story, but includes affirmations and a meditation to help you to connect to the sources of strength and healing within yourself.

Sunny Dawn Johnston is a widely known and respected International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher. As a national speaker, Sunny's dynamic methods effectively reach out to help people to help themselves by discovering that the answers are always within.

Track List:

Track 1. Body Meditation
Track 2. Body Observation Music
Track 3. Sunny's Story - Part 1
Track 4. Your Body's Gifts
Track 5. Journal Music
Track 6.Your Body's Needs
Track 7. Awareness Letter Music
Track 8. Communicating With Your Body
Track 9. Sunny's Story - Part 2
Track 10. Body Image Affirmations
Track 11. 10 Steps to Body Appreciation
Track 12. Vocal - The Girl In the Mirror