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ELEV8 Your Life: The Essentials Workbook

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I am a lifelong student. Perhaps you are too? The last thirty-four years have been an amazing journey for me, and each day I experience divine intervention in the form of Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and the beautiful physical bodies that walk this planet with me.

I’ve learned many things through this journey:

  • I am responsible for my life.
  • I’ve created my challenges by my own resistance to love.
  • I was born with innate value, simply because I was born into a physical body.
  • I did not need to earn, prove, or justify my worth.
  • I am worthy because I am.

I’ve forgotten these simple but true statements many times in my life. Perhaps you have too? There was no one to blame and nothing at fault. It was part of my path, a very important part of my path—maybe the most important! The pain, discomfort, challenge, or lack were all awarenesses that eventually led to my acknowledgment of my own self-worth. The Spirit World has surrounded and guided me while I was given opportunities to see my unique and divine value. The choice to love and accept myself was hard… and yet, it was mine to make, as it is yours.

Throughout this ELEV8 Your Life - The Essentials Workbook, I will hold your hand, and be here to support you and walk with you as you move through your own challenges and resistance. I know how it feels to be stuck in the pain… and I KNOW how it feels to be Feelin’ the Healin’! ELEV8 Your Life is a process ... a lifestyle ... of looking at the painful or challenging patterns, becoming aware of those messages, choosing a different story, pushing thru to new actions and therefore arriving at a place where you begin to feel the joy and the healing in your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Let’s start this journey together, shall we?