Conversations With Sunny CD

    Conversations With Sunny CD


      I'd like to invite you to sit down and join me in a conversation that was recorded in front of a live audience for the purpose of this CD on the topics of Body Image, Manifestation and Self Worth, as well as all of the topics below! Listen in on a conversation that very well could hold some of the guidance and support that you are looking for at this time. There is a wide variety of information that may also serve family or friends! Through this CD, anyone can put themselves in a chair sitting across from Sunny, and receive some guidance and direction just by listening to the conversation, hearing your own questions and answers, and allowing spirit to guide you back to the answers that are already within you!

      Track Listing:
      Track 1. Welcome
      Track 2. Body Image
      Track 3. Security
      Track 4. Comparison
      Track 5. Expressing Anger
      Track 6. Weight Issues
      Track 7. Nutrition
      Track 8. Caretaking
      Track 9. Serving Your Purpose
      Track 10. Manifestation
      Track 11. Self Esteem
      Track 12. Self Worth
      Track 13. Relationship
      Track 14. Closing