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Body Revival Workbook

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The Body Revival Workbook is unlike any other workbook you have seen. It is, literally, an experience. This is a journey into the one thing we as human beings are guaranteed … a body. Throughout this workbook, you are encouraged to delve deep within, exploring the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual patterns – both past and present – that may hold you back from having the body, and more importantly, the health, that you desire. Sometimes you just need a little extra awareness and attention. Once you acknowledge and understand the aspects that are sabotaging your dreams, you are encouraged to do the inner work by digging into specific questions designed to call you into a deeper knowing of yourself and your body’s true needs.

This Body Revival Workbook is perfect for anyone ready to make positive changes in the healing of the mind, spirit and emotions – which all affect the healing of our physical body in ways we may not even be aware of. Each chapter covers a different topic, 22 in total, allowing you to reflect on a different aspect of your life, one day at a time. It offers you the opportunity to delve into areas oftentimes missed in a traditional physical healing journey. These shadow areas are often the core of many issues … disguised as “little” challenges like aches & pains, as well as “big” diseases & illnesses. Uncovering these can create a Mind, Body, Spirit alignment, and therefore the healing that many yearn for. In addition, each day’s lesson offers you a new and unique way to shift your perspective into a loving and supportive direction through Journal questions and Practical Action steps. Lastly, you are offered a Bottom Line summary for each lesson, which includes Positive Affirmations to keep you accountable and moving forward.

This workbook is a self-study program – yet was designed with built-in support and accountability partners. If you are ready to take the leap into full awareness and once and for all heal those issues (emotions) in the tissues (body), so to speak, this is the workbook for you.