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Archangel Greeting Card Set

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You will love this inspirational Archangels Greeting card set with matching envelopes. Each Archangel greeting card is a replica of a handcrafted design created with the energy of that particular Archangel. Keep in touch with friends and family with our unique custom greeting cards. Each card represents one of the seven Archangels, inspiring the recipient to open up to the Angelic Realm and feel their presence. Once received, these cards will be treasured for a lifetime. These cards are based on my book, Invoking The Archangels.

There are 7 cards depicting the seven Archangels listed below:

Archangel Michael - Angel of Protection, Guidance, Strength and Courage

Archangel Jophiel - Angel of Beauty, Manifestation and Creativity

Archangel Chamuel - Angel of Unconditional Love and Adoration

Archangel Gabriel - Angel of Communication

Archangel Raphael - Angel of Healing (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual)

Archangel Uriel - Angel of Vision, Insight, Clarity and Transmutation

Archangel Zadkiel - Angel of Forgiveness, Mercy and Benevolence

Spread the LOVE challenge:

I encourage you to use these cards for friends and family… absolutely. How about Random Acts of Kindness? Leave them in random places, to remind people to feel the presence of their angels. Everyone can use a reminder that they are loved and that their Angels are around…don't ya think?

Invoking the Archangel Greeting cards are designed by Artist Lori Farrell, created by Kris Voelker and produced by Sunny Dawn Johnston Productions.

Design Details:

  • Each card was hand sketched by Artist Lori Farrell
  • Once sketched, she colored each card, by hand.
  • Once colored, the card's images were reproduce for the greeting cards.
  • Each image took between 8-12 hours to complete.
  • Each image has a lot of LOVE infused within it.
  • Cards are blank inside for you to write your loving message.

Product Details:

  • Greeting Card size is 4.5" x 6"
  • Matching white envelope included
  • Super smooth bright white matte finish (so you can easily write on them)
  • High quality 100 lb. weight paper

Customer Reviews

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Shelly Orr
Beautiful cards that can be used for any occasion. Great...

Beautiful cards that can be used for any occasion. Great quality. I use these frequently.

i LOVE these cards created by the amazing artist Lori...

i LOVE these cards created by the amazing artist Lori Farrell

These are fabulous to keep on hand for all occasions.. even...

These are fabulous to keep on hand for all occasions.. even those ER card giving situations. They are beautiful and full of love as well.