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Archangel Michael: Maintain Your Energy: A 33-Day Guidebook

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The Archangel Michael: Maintain your Energy 33-Day Guidebook will help you to develop a direct and consistent connection with this powerful Archangel. Archangel Michael is the Archangel of protection, guidance, strength and courage. Learning to invite him into your life will help you to maintain your energy. If you are a sensitive person - picking up everyone's energy, struggling to separate your "stuff” from their "stuff”, feeling responsible to fix everyone and everything - this book will change your life. This 33-Day Guidebook is designed to help you create a committed relationship with Archangel Michael. It will help you to learn how to invoke his presence in your daily life, discern his loving protective energy and feel his presence and strength. Most importantly … this guidebook will help you learn to become an observer of other people's energy instead of an absorber of other people's energy. With a 33 day commitment to yourself and Archangel Michael, you will find energy and awareness that you never knew. Start today and open up to a whole new magical world with Archangel Michael. When you invoke the Archangels, they are there immediately, regardless of what your physical senses may observe. Trust that when you ask, it is given; and when you invoke, they are present.