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Answers About the Afterlife Paperback

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The topic of the afterlife is one of absolute extremes that most people have an opinion about. As a Psychic Medium with over 30 years of experience, I am answering these questions based on my own personal experience with the Afterlife. Years of questions that my clients, friends, and students have asked me, and their loved ones in Spirit, throughout the years. These answers are in no particular order and were usually asked in response to this question: If you could have one question answered about death or what happens during or after you die, what would it be? The answers within this book are from my own personal experience and observation. They are based on communication, interpretation and conversation I’ve had over the years with the Spirit world. My intention in sharing them with you is not to say this is the right way, but to simply answer common questions based on MY experience. The questions are grouped by topic. Some answers are more detailed than others. For many of these topics, it is most helpful to read all responses in a particular section to get an overall feel for my answer.