Write and Burn Journal
Write and Burn Journal

Write and Burn Journal


The Write & Burn Journal is a perfect addition to your daily routine to assist in staying focused on what you can do to shine your Light in the world and release all the thoughts and emotions that weigh us down, dim our Light and build up in our bodies to create physical challenges. Add this activity to your daily practice and notice the difference it makes in your outlook on life and role you can play in service to the greater good.

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I love the write and burn journal. Burning it after writing and sending it off to the universe really has a powerful effect.

Denise Kirkconnell

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love the write & burn journal in fact I have 2 … transmutation of all that no longer serves me.

Malinda Pantano

I love writing and burning! The journal makes it easy. I do forget to fill up with positive after burning, so maybe a reminder about that on the page.

Cindy Whitney Hiebert

The Story Behind the Write and Burn Journal

Our Journey

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