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Living Your Purpose Book & Card Bundle

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Living Your Purpose Book

What is my purpose? That is probably one of the top five questions I am asked when teaching or counseling. My students ask: "What am I meant to do, who am I meant to be? What do I need to do to serve my purpose?" I often respond that MY purpose, YOUR purpose, and/or OUR purpose is to simply just BE ... To BE, in whatever form that is for you. Purpose is constantly changing as we grow and evolve, therefore the form purpose takes in your life, is ever changing. Books will start shipping 10-10-2013.

Living Your Purpose Affirmation Cards

This unique affirmation deck contains 44 inspiring cards to support you in LIVING YOUR PURPOSE. Affirmations can change the very foundation of how you think, act, feel and ultimately what you attract into your life experience. You affirm things everyday by the thoughts you think. Some thoughts are positive and others are not, however they are ALL affirmations! LIVING YOUR PURPOSE AFFIRMATION CARDS were designed to remind you of who you really are and why you are here. These affirmations were thoughtfully created to assist you in staying in the present moment and to support you in living a Life of Purpose.