How to use this planner!!!

  • Take an hour of dedicated time – Meditate, focus and tune into the energy you want to create for the month. Then each week, then each day. Don’t jump too far ahead. Stay present in your creating.
  • Write it down – Always write your goals down so that you can be intentional and stay on track. Remember, an unwritten goal is simply a wish. Put your goals into physical form by writing them down.
  • Use the To Do & BE my Dreams sheet – Do it every morning, preferably within the first hour of waking up. Fill out this sheet EVERY SINGLE MORNING. This will begin the process where you are creating your day instead of your day being created for you.
  • Use the weekly check-in pages – These will help you to stay on track, observe your commitments and refocus your intentions and energy.
  • Share with people you can trust - Having accountability partners, or at a minimum people that you can share your goals with, will help you stay motivated, focused and invested in your dreams and desires.
  • Congratulate yourself – Every month, take the time to really look over all you have accomplished, and have a little celebration. BE PROUD!
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