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Invoking the Archangels Candle Kit

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Invoking the Archangels Candle Kit

This Archangel Candle Kit is designed to support YOUR invocation of the Archangels. A candle flame gives your mind something to focus on as you allow the blessings of the Archangels to surround you. Simply choose which Archangel you would like to work with, place the corresponding candle in the glass holder, and begin your invocation or meditation. You can allow the candle to burn for a few minutes or several hours, as you connect with energy of the Angelic Realm.

Each of the 7 Archangels bring a different energy: Archangel Michael (protection, guidance and strength), Archangel Gabriel (communication and expression), Archangel Uriel (transmutation and illumination), Archangel Raphael (physical, mental and emotional healing), Archangel Jophiel (creativity, beauty and art), Archangel Chamuel (unconditional love and adoration), and Archangel Zadkiel (forgiveness, mercy and benevolence).