Black Friday 2021

    Black Friday 2021


      It’s never too early for the holiday spirit, my friend! That’s why my elves and I have decided to throw a Thanksgiving Weekend Super Sale!

      Naughty or nice, this is your chance to soak up HUGE and festive savings on some of my most popular merrymakers!

      Whether you’re a chestnut-roaster or marshmallow-toaster, my MOST POPULAR products and tools have been merrily marked down to promote healing, transformation, and greater connection for all.

      Your Thanksgiving Weekend Super Sale Items:

      • Online access pass to SIX SDJ S.O.U.L courses
      • Embracing The Body That Is Digital CD
      • Healing Your Grief: Affirmations of Hope Digital CD
      • Invoking The Archangels Digital CD
      • Morning Meditations Audio - Volume 1
      • Morning Meditations Audio - Volume 2
      • Morning Meditations Audio - Volume 3
      • Positive Affirmations Digital CD
      • Prosperity Affirmations Digital CD
      • Soul Transitions Digital CD
      • Invoking The Archangels Digital Card Deck
      • Living Your Purpose Digital Card Deck
      • Multi-Dimensional Oracle Digital Card Deck
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