Host a Spiritual Soirée

Intensive, Intimate, Healing – The Music Moves you, the Experience Connects you, the Process Teaches you.

I’d like to invite you to a new way of connecting… a new way of healing… and a new way of learning! I call it a Spiritual Soirée. This is a two hour event where you and several of your friends, family and acquaintances come together to connect, in a variety of different forms, as guided by spirit. There are no rules for a soirée, just that everyone be open to the journey.

Each and every person in attendance is both a teacher and a student! It is on this premise that the Spiritual Soirée was created. As the guide for the evening, I will create opportunities based on the needs and desires of the group to learn heal and grow through and my soul musician Kris Voelker will provide music to move you into a higher vibration.

This is an absolutely experiential event and it is my belief that everyone will get out of it exactly what they need. Areas of focus in our time together are based on peoples everyday real life experiences, such as relationship issues, lack of self esteem, allowing unconditional love in, connecting with the angels, physical healing, releasing emotional pain, raising your vibration…and whatever else comes up!!

Are you ready to be open and receive the guidance you need in whatever form it may show up? Are you willing to allow yourself to be open to the experiences… the guidance… the healing?  If the answer is yes, you may want to consider hosting or attending a Spiritual Soirée! Read more…