Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards

    Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards


      THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ORACLE is a tool that can help you remember and reconnect with your multi-dimensional self.

      We are multi-dimensional beings having a physical experience, but that is not all.

      It is time to embrace ALL of our BE-ingness … and to do that, we must let go of what we have been taught about living in this 3D reality. There is so much more, and it is calling us to ascend, expand and embrace our multi-dimensional reality.

      Through four pathways you will experience and tune in to this beingness and become familiar with your true power and potential.

      * Through the power of SYMBOLS, we are shown what we can be.

      * Through the presence of ANIMALS, we learn about our true nature.

      * NUMBERS bring a sense of logic, yet they also carry spiritual meaning and insights.

      * ASCENDED MASTERS are models of loving thought and action, who show us how to master our reality through intentional living.

      In working with THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ORACLE, you harness your own innate powers to create the life you desire and deserve.

      Multi-Dimensional awareness allows you to navigate your three-dimensional reality with ease, grace, and the unlimited power and potential of your ever-evolving Spirit.