Multi-Dimensional Booster Card Set

    Multi-Dimensional Booster Card Set


      These Feminine Empowerment and Animal Empowerment Booster Decks were created to accompany and expand The Original Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards and the messages that lie within them.

      These powerful cards are designed to help you to develop your intuition and expand beyond the physical 3D world into the greater multi-dimensional you. The six feminine energies that are a part of this Booster Deck are powerful Masters, reminding you to embrace your divine femininity, intuition, and power. In doing so, you have more capacity to love… yourself and others. The six animals that are a part of this Booster Deck are potent teachers, bringing you the energy of presence, insight, and connection. These cards will bring in a more grounding and healing energy into your messages.

      If you already have the Original Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards, this makes a beautiful empowering addition to them. If you have come across these and don’t have the Original Multi-Dimensional Oracle Deck, you can go here to purchase them now.