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To start, open your Intuition Rocks Messenger Tote Bag, take out your Intuitive Hits Journal, and take a moment to write about where you are on your intuition journey. Setting an intention for what you want to experience throughout your intuitive journey is important. Knowing where you are starting and where you want to go is a foundational step in the process.

The black envelopes in your kit have different colors of paper inside of them to help you to develop your clairvoyance. Use these Intuiting Color Practice envelopes to tune into the colors to see and feel what color is in the envelope. Doing this daily will help you to get better and better at tuning in.

The Pendulum is to help you learn to discern between your mind and your heart. Pendulums are great tools used for dowsing and most people use pendulums to ask yes or no questions.

If you’ve never used a pendulum before, here is a simple process:

Step one – Center yourself and call in your Spirit Team. You can make it more of a ritual by lighting your Intention Candle, putting on some zen music, burning your Palo Santo, or spraying your VibeRaiser. Relax and Breath — the point is to quiet your mind, so you'll be able to connect with your Higher Self more easily.

Step two – Connect to your pendulum. Sit with your pendulum and hold it in your hand. Tune into it. Respect it. It’s a sacred tool. To connect even more, I like to hold the pendulum close to my heart for just a few breaths.

Step three – Identify your "Yes" and "No." You need to learn what your "yes" and "no" responses are. To determine this, hold the pendulum 6 - 8 inches above the palm of your hand. Ask a simple yes/no question that you know the answers to. I like to say "My name is ___" Take note of what happens for each true or false response. It will either move back and forth or around in a circle. Now you know your yes and no.

Step four – Ask your questions. Keep in mind that the pendulum answers simple yes/no questions. Practice with questions that are simple as you build your relationship and your trust with your pendulum.

ESP Cards are to help you practice your intuitive abilities (your clairs) on a daily basis. Use these cards to help you begin to discern shapes, sizes, and colors. Going through the deck at least twice a day will help you to see vast improvement in your intuitive abilities Grab a friend, old or young, and have them try it out too. You will be surprised how your intuition grows and ESP cards are a way to develop that skill quickly.

Use the VibeRaiser Space Clearing spray to clear your sacred space and lift the vibe of the space around you, especially in any place where sage or palo santo (because of the smoke) aren’t allowed. It is important to keep your energy and the energy around you clear and light. Invite in your angels and guides to help you clear the space and say a little prayer to ask for any negativity to be lifted for the highest good of all.

A Selenite Heart is included to help you release negative energy and remove energy blocks in the body, mind, and soul. All crystals in your kit are cleansed, but you can still do it yourself before you start setting your intentions. One way of doing this is to place your crystals under sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. This will help recharge the stones and release any unwanted vibrations and energy they may have picked up.

Lighting an Intention Candle when you do your Intuitive practice and development can help you connect with the Spirit world and develop a consistent daily practice with your Spirit team.

An Angel Coin is included to keep with you as a reminder of your connection to Spirit and your natural ability to communicate with them any day, in any way.


The Space Clearing Ecuadorian Palo Santo is used to cleanse the energy of your physical space, object, or person. You start with a simple intention of focusing on clearing the negative energy out of your space, object, or person. Once you have your intention in mind, light the Palo Santo and hold at a 45-degree angle pointing the tip down towards the flame. Allow it to burn for 30 seconds and then blow it out. The smoke clears the space and allows for the healing.

The Rose Quartz Heart is included to help you open the heart and support unconditional love for self and others. It is great to keep rose quartz close to you if you are struggling with self-love. 

Oracle Cards 101 is a foundational book teaching you tips and tricks to reading oracle cards. This book is a simple read that has many techniques for using oracle cards for readings for yourself and others. This book will give you the confidence to embrace your intuition for yourself and possibly even open up to sharing messages with others.


A 44-Card Deck of Multi-Dimensional Oracle Cards to connect with the multi-dimensional aspects of your intuition. THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ORACLE is a tool that can help you remember and reconnect with your multi-dimensional self. We are multi-dimensional beings having a physical experience, but that is not all. It is time to embrace ALL of our BE-ingness … and to do that, we must let go of what we have been taught about living in this 3D reality. There is so much more, and it is calling us to ascend, expand and embrace our multi-dimensional reality. Through four pathways you will experience and tune in to this beingness and become familiar with your true power and potential.

* Through the power of SYMBOLS, we are shown what we can be.

* Through the presence of ANIMALS, we learn about our true nature.

* NUMBERS bring a sense of logic, yet they also carry spiritual meaning and insights.

* ASCENDED MASTERS are models of loving thought and action, who show us how to master our reality through intentional living.

In working with THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ORACLE, you harness your own innate powers to create the life you desire and deserve.

The Multi-Dimensional Animal Empowerment Booster Cards are powerful cards designed to help you to develop your intuition and expand beyond the physical 3D world into the greater multi-dimensional you. The six animals that are a part of this Booster Deck are potent teachers, bringing you the energy of presence, insight, and connection. These animal cards will bring more grounding and healing energy into your messages. 

The Multi-Dimensional Feminine Empowerment Booster Cards are enlightening cards designed to help you to develop your intuition and expand beyond the physical 3D world into the greater multi-dimensional you. The six feminine energies that are a part of this Booster Deck are powerful Masters, reminding you to embrace your divine femininity, intuition, and power. In doing so, you have more capacity to love… yourself and others.



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